The City Growth

Every city in the world follows a particular evolutionary model. Take one of the most advanced cities in the world, London it started off as a residential province slowly growing in amenities, to skyscrapers and centre of several business hubs. The properties in London are considered as one of the most expensive in the world and while my comparisons may be greatly superlative I genuinely believe the humble city of Trivandrum will one day a reach the literal heights of London. Our population density would indeed be a factor in the growth but with the current advancements in all sectors, this is a dream destination that is easily in the making. There are however many sceptics who do not want this to be our future like I mentioned before it is the inevitable and unless something drastically changes our current growth forward this outcome is unlikely to change. if you think the current rates at which houses for sale in Trivandrum are occurring wait till you reach this period where there won't even be an inch of property left to buy that is not otherwise occupied by some means.