The Transition

The humble district of Trivandrum was always rich in comparison. There was a time where every resident in the current capital city of GOD's own country had a home for themselves. The influx of more citizens had ultimately lead to the rise of the apartments and if the current growth of the city is to be considered, cloud clearing skyscrapers are only a few years behind. In this excess growth, one couldn’t possibly imagine a home for everyone. Apartments have become somewhat, a necessity but the generation that they did get to enjoy their own home would always prefer that to the apartment. To be very honest the difference between the two is very small and I had the fortune of spending on both sides of the grass.  The transition from home to apartments at least in my generation was smooth but the same cannot be expressed by either the generation above nor below mine. They can't seem to wrap their minds around the changes and as far as this generation still holds the reigns in the current world order the market of houses for sale in Trivandrum will be always on the waves and unpredictable.