Rainfall vs Electricity

If we are all being honest then it is high time we accept the truth that the current trend in the entire world would be ‘memes’ and there is no two ways around it. A wide variety of events and topics are being discussed in this funny format. Very recently I manage to see one which takes a crack at the relation between electricity and rainfall. The meme I am talking about refers to a popular and extremely skilled balding Malayalam actor who responds to the electricity still functioning as an ‘insult’ to him and in the image, he reprises the role of rainfall.

This image speaks the truth of what is happening in the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum. Even in this 21st century the moment a heavy rainfall strikes the city you can expect a couple of jurisdictions to have power shortage even though the rates at which they occur and the respective intensity have declined over the years it has not yet been completely eradicated. This factor is very important in the real estate sector as it hinders the sale of most of the houses in Trivandrum.