The Glimmer of Hope

The residents of the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum probably woke up today with a smile on their face because after a three-week gap the city was again blessed with showers which made the whole experience of a good night sleep better because no longer is someone waking up in the middle of the night purely because they were sweating due to the unbearable heat from the mornings. The past forty-eight hours of the city had somewhat of a perfect climate but today the sun has resurfaced and its heat wave can be pretty effectively felt throughout the city province.

The majority of the citizens would be hoping that a repeat of yesterday's performance can be replicated by the rain tonight as well because it feels that every citizen rightfully earned the utopian climate after suffering the most extreme heat wave the district has ever recorded and this has indeed affected the real estate sector part, as most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum rates have declined owing to the harsh and extreme climatic conditions that is presently being experienced.