The Lack of Breeze

A very concerning event that is taking place in the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum is the genuine lack of wind. I am not paranoid when I am saying this but last week I had to be outside during the morning hours to run some errands only to find not even a single cool breeze had struck me. To be true, I did not stay outside for extremely long periods but it was after a long while that I stepped out in the morning times and I can tell you with the utmost surety that this was not the same case a few months back. The city was never devoid of wind but lately, there are no natural breezes coming our way and I am living breathing proof to this as there wouldn’t be many who didn’t feel what the mornings were in their own native place for as long as few months at a stretch. This lack of fresh breeze also plays an important role in your subconscious psyche and might be directly responsible for why we can see more boards that read houses for sale in Trivandrum.