The Ever-changing Climate

For the past couple of days in the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum it has been raining on a periodic basis. There will be a small-time interval were the rain stops and the sun slightly shows its face, then it quickly subsides with the showers bearing down on us yet again. You would think that these irregular and unpredictable patterns would hinder the general traffic of the road but you cannot be further away from the truth. It seems there are more used bikes out on the streets during monsoon than otherwise. No one in the city any longer believes in taking shelter as most of the times the two-wheelers are still riding in the heavy rains. Trivandrum, being one of the biggest occupational destinations in Kerala, the citizens of this humble state cannot be hindered by the climatic conditions that are thrown at them by Mother Nature and it is this exact reason why most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum sell like hotcakes irrespective of the turbulent weather conditions that exist all around the year.