The Dust Problem

Residing within the city circle of the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum definitely has its perks. You are just an hour’s drive from all the three world-renowned beaches present within the district. Another couple of hours on each end to reach two breathtaking hill range destinations not to mention any amenities at arm's reach and a proud citizen of one of the most upcoming metros in our humble nation. For all these perks the city does come with some flaws to its name, the same flaws that exist in any metros - the dust problem. The increasing number of automobiles plying around the narrow streets leads to increased pollution and dust. When I made my way back home after nearly a decade up North I could feel the difference in the quality of air and how it has deteriorated over time. It is saddening to say that my hometown is getting more polluted as the days go by. This will still however not hinder the increasing sales of the real estate as long as PGs near technopark exist. It is, after all, Asia’s largest I.T park.