The Monsoon Mellow

One thing the citizens of the capital city of god's own country, Trivandrum can pridefully boast is about being a fun and happening place. Maybe not to the party raving levels of the metro cities but it will attract classy music enthusiasts. There will always be sufficient events for or all types of crowds in the city. There will be a musical extravaganza on one side of the road and an art exhibition on the other. Similarly, in many prominent areas within the city circle, such events are organized on a weekly basis and there is hardly a dull moment in the weekends. This fact of the city, however, changes during the monsoon when the number of events taking place drops down drastically.

Most of the citizens get mellow when the showers drop and the otherwise full-filled energetic city slowly starts to sleep and believe it or not most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum increase steadily after the monsoon. It is also the most ideal time of the year to check your properties as you can also get a picture of how the roads and surrounding neighbourhood behave in the event of showers.