The City Curfew

Having stayed in the capital city of GOD’s own country, Trivandrum for nearly three decades and having driven through her narrow roads for nearly half that time, I would not be boasting if I say that I know my beloved town inside out. Being a night owl my observational expertise is limited to the silence of the nights, a term which was very easily be made an association with the city nearly five years back. If we were to wind the clocks to this date, 95% of all establishments and shops would close by 9 pm and by 10 pm there would be hardly anyone in the city streets but the change was so unexpected and so fast that the reality becomes hard for me to accept sometimes purely because I know of a time so drastically different from what we have now. Currently, the city holds pockets of provinces which are rich in night life or to put it simply, there are only selected provinces within the city that one can be at odd hours if you want to be doing something within legal limitations and not cause any sort of ruckus and fuss. These places are usually a buzz with activities and almost all of them have some sort of eatery associated with them which makes the gossips all the sweeter. Of course, one can see a crowd of people emerging from the PG hostels near technopark at any odd hours.