The Messy home

A messy house is undoubtedly the worst nightmare when things start going bad. The absence of clutter is indeed a blessing on some nights. I used to be a very laid back, not cleaning up sort of person but after following a tidy schedule I realized the wonders keeping your room and your home could bring, not just in terms of organization and visual appeal but also in a more relaxed and calm feel. It has been proved that when we observe things in order, we are more tranquil.  I did, however, get a glimpse of my old life yesterday when I was staying at a friend's place whose apartment reminded me of how mine was and after a series of unfortunate events it ended up as there was no water in the pipes nor electricity in a good mile radius and the added clutter on the floors resulted in a small fortune in broken items and the damage caused sufficient ruckus to cause a small scene. Everyone involved in this incident agreed that a good majority of all the problems could have been solved if the apartment was tidier. A good portion of how messy a home becomes is accustomed to its nearby area and most of the houses for rent in Trivandrum with this tidy surroundings gets an added benefit.