The Basics

It is pretty sure that the events of last year are still quite fresh in the minds of everyone. The floods were a big chapter in the history of our humble state and what it has shown is this that we should always be prepared. Most of what I am about to tell you are things you would have probably heard and already known about and you would be better suited to estimate the limits and potential of your home far better than I ever could so here are a few basic tips everyone needs to follow:

Even the slightest of electrical malfunctions have to be taken care of ASAP. If you feel that there is some sort of electrical malfunction in your home, get it checked by a professional at the earliest. The longer you wait in this monsoon season the heavier the toll could be.

Always have the essentials at home. You may not be a planner and asking you to do so is not fair but until the rains and wind calm down, for your own safety and welfare it will be nice to always have stocked the essentials in the event of something unpleasant.

Despite all these issues, the houses for sale in Trivandrum are still sold off like hotcakes.