The Cleaning Nightmare

A nightmare for most homemakers is when the festive season comes around the same time as the monsoon arrives in our humble state. One would have guests coming in periodic and or in sporadic fashions bringing all the mud and dust from the outside into your clean homes. Not to mention that no festivity is ever truly complete without a giant meal this would result in additional cleaning time. There are no two ways around this and an untidy home during this vacation period is expected. My best advice to those concerned would be to not fret and stay calm even in all this bedlam and mayhem and also be always prepared. Make sure the dust and mud can easily be cleared and fix on your preferable cleaning timing slots for plates and other utensils. For all practical applications you would have thought of this scenario while buying your dream home and many a time most of the houses for sale in Kerala design their homes by keeping this checklist in mind. Even the PGs for rent near technopark also sport the same.