Storage Space Need

Sometimes on a very regular lazy afternoon, I often find myself forgetting where certain things in my home are kept. This could be kitchen related or retail-related but often I get irritated when I forget where things are placed in my own home. The occasions where I feel I have not let myself down are the same instances where I take a drastic U-turn and end up feeling proud of well I know my home is when the entire home is filled with people. And whenever they are in need of any sort of materialistic assistance they usually turn to me to find out where it is and I usually end up pleasing them. This job that is otherwise meant for children is what the 30 year-old me classifies as help during get-togethers and family gatherings. Storage places have become a need for even the biggest of minimalist mainly because you expect a home to last you a lifetime and the chances of you amassing a lot of objects is high. In fact, being in the field of real estate I have witnessed that most of the house for sale in Kerala have not reached the expected price margin purely due to a lack of storage space despite being in a prime location.