How To Design Children’s Room In Your House?

Designing a room for a child can be a very tricky thing.  You have to keep in mind their likes and interests while planning to design the look of their room. While painting the room, make sure you choose the paints that can be scrubbed clean. This type of paint is resistant to marks and scuffs that children usually do to the walls. Additionally, make sure that the paints do not give off fumes, that is, they are low VOC and durable. Keep in mind, the likes and preferences of children change as they grow older, so it is best to avoid dark shades of paint, as repainting darker shades will be a tedious task. Choose wallpapers that reflect on the personality of the kid. You can also use murals on the walls that have themes which include animals, birds, maps, astronomy, architecture and much more. Choose lighting that looks attractive. For instance, you can hang a pendant with an attractive shape that throws interesting patterned shadows on the walls.

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