How To Dehumidify Your House Naturally?

Living in God’s Own Country comes with its own pros and cons as far as the climate is concerned. Despite having a favorable climate, the weather of Kerala is often hot and humid. It often leads to more sweating and also provides the perfect atmosphere for breeding potentially harmful microbes and dust mites. This begs the question: How should one naturally dehumidify their house?

A humid house shows signs like mold spots in the corner of rooms and on ceilings as well. Condensation present on windows is also another sign of excessive humidity. Placing pots of calcium chloride in the humid areas of your home will help in absorbing the excess moisture from the air. You can also reduce the humidity in your home by improving the ventilation of your house. Plants give out moisture into the air which can have a direct and significant impact on the humidity levels. Taking shorter showers will also help a lot, as it significantly cuts the amount of moisture that is released into your home. Fix leaks in your house and also switch to dry heat sources.

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