Tips To Protect Your Home From Lightning

Kerala rains sometimes bring along with them heavy lightning and thunder. This, in turn, can cause major risk of property damage to the house owners and their electronic appliances. Therefore, you should always try to be on the safer side and prevent your property from being damaged. The following are some tips to protect your house from lightning.

First and foremost, you must opt for using a home lightning protection system. The lightning protection system includes lightning rods, main conductors, grounds, bonds and surge protectors. Additionally, when there is lightning unplug the electronics and appliances. Lightning can cause power surge damage if it uses your home’s electrical wiring system as the primary or secondary path. It would also be in your benefit to install transient voltage surge suppressors, because you may not always be able to unplug your electronics. It is also in your best interest to check your homeowners and renters insurance coverage. Not all insurance plans are alike, so ensure that you cover the damages done to your home and electronics.

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