Tips to Protect Your Home From Rats

Rats are the scare of every house. Apart from contaminating food and damaging buildings, the rats can damage your family’s health. It is estimated that rodents like rats and mice spread more than 35 diseases. These diseases are most likely to be transmitted to people directly, through contact with rats or their feces, urine or saliva or also indirectly through ticks, mites or fleas from an infected rodent. However, steps can be taken to protect your home from rats. One of the primary steps to take is to seal the entry points of the rats at your house. You can eliminate the ways through which rats can climb into your home. You can trim tree branches away from your roof and windows. Rat repellents are a great way to get rid of rats, as there are certain odors that rats do not like. You can also use a rat trap to get rid of them. If there is a dead rat in your place, then make sure you clean up the dead rat by wearing gloves on your hand and then ventilate the area.

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