Tips To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your House

Without a doubt, snakes are considered to be fearsome and frightening creatures by many. Science claims that the fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias around. If you live in a tropical region like Kerala, then you would have come across plenty instances of snake sightings. Measures can be taken to prevent snakes from entering your house.

Firstly, it is beneficial for you to keep the rodents away. They are a major food source for snakes, so be sure you do not have any in your home garden. To prevent these rodents from entering your house, you should keep your surroundings clean, remove any food sources and also seal off the holes and gaps from where the rats and mice may come through. Keep the grass in your garden or around your home short and trimmed, as it can be a breeding ground for snakes. Seal the cracks of your homes, as they can also lead to the entry of snakes into your house. Fitting fences or walls around your residence can act as a snake deterrent as well. Removing the clutter in your home or garden will also help you a great deal.

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