The Floating House in Kerala Which No Calamity Can Destroy

In 2018, Kerala was hit by the torrential rains and floods which sent many people into a state of panic of alert. Due to the severe damage of house and property, Keralites are expecting such extreme weather conditions in the coming years too and are opening up to more innovative and unique construction methods to effectively withstand the floods. Mr. Gopalakrishnan Achari, a native of Vazhappally is garnering attention and praise from people on social media. He has designed and built his own house that stays floating when the flood water level increases. One of the most astonishing features of the house is that it would rise upwards several feet when the water level rises. It works with the pressure of the gushing water. There are air tanks installed in the foundation which helps the house rise. Despite the house weighing 6 tons, it does not stop the air tank from raising the house. He also claims that cost of constructing his house is almost 30% lower than regular cement plastered houses.

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