Trees to Grow in Your Backyard

Trees add greenery and elegance to your house. You can grow trees in your backyard and make your place greener and more environment-friendly.  In this article, we will discuss the trees that are good for your house.

  • Peepal Tree: In India, it is also known as the Aswatha Tree. Walking around this tree in the morning is said to be very healthy. However, this tree should not be too close to the household as the roots can find their way into the foundation.
  • Neem tree: Having a neem tree is good for the garden as it has great medicinal values and its extracts can be used as a pesticide.
  • Mango Tree: Apart from providing us with mangoes, the mango tree comes with several benefits as well. Its leaves can be used as pesticides, twigs for brushing teeth leaves for pooja and worship purposes according to Hinduism. It is also believed that it is holy to cremate the dead using its wood.
  • Jack-fruit tree: the jack-fruit free yields jack-fruit that is delicious and has high nutritional value. Its wood is yellow in color and to make furniture.

Apart from this, you can also plant banana trees and coconut trees as every part of these trees have some sort of economic or medicinal use.

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