Tips to Get Rid of Termites in the House

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home and furniture if given a chance. So it is always better to look out for them and eliminate them at the earliest. One of the most common signs of termite infestation is that they would be mostly found around the windows and doors and would be anywhere outside of the colony. If you notice paint that has bubbled or cracked, then the termites are feeding off of the interior of the structure. Similarly, if solid wood sounds hollow now and there are mud tubes outside, then it is the sign of termite infestation. To get rid of the termites, you can use a wet cardboard trap. If you suspect a termite colony, then you can wet that cardboard and attract the termites towards it. Once they are there, you can remove it and burn it. Sunlight also kills termites. The exposure of termites to bright sunlight during the day and they will typically die. Getting rid of materials like decaying leaves, bark or compost can also stop termites from infesting in your house.

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