Hacks to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your House

Mosquitoes can cause real damage to your health if not got rid of in time. Several repellants, sprays, and ointments are available in the market these days to get rid of mosquito bites. They usually come loaded with chemicals and are harmful to the environment as well. In this article, we will talk about a few hacks to keep the mosquitoes out of your house. These mosquitoes breed near stagnant water mostly. One of the first things to do is to get rid of stagnant water. If that is not possible, then sprinkling coffee grounds on the stagnant water will help to bring up the eggs of mosquitoes and stop them from getting oxygen, and as a result, they will die before they hatch. Growing mint and rosemary in your garden will keep mosquitoes at bay. If you crush a few cloves of garlic and boil it in water, then you can get rid of mosquitoes. Mustard oil and coconut oil also help in getting rid of mosquitoes.

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