Budget-friendly decorating ideas

As the festive season is around the corner, it is that time of the year we want our home to sparkle and festive ready. Small decorating ideas can freshen up your home and therefore try these DIY ideas which are fun to do and inexpensive.

Candle décor: give a makeover to your plain white candles by drawing attractive henna patterns on them. Not only will the candles look good, but when they are burned, it will fill up your home with the subtle fragrance of henna.

Jars: put some candles in a mason jar and hang them using some strong rope or add attractive metallic chains to the lids of the jar. If you want to make it more attractive, you can draw floral patterns on the mason jar.

Unconventional décor props: use unconventional things like an egg whisk or old sieves and hang them with a tea light in them. Make it more attractive by using old bangles to make a tea light holder and also you can use washi tape to make them more colorful.

Fruits: take some orange peel and cut in the shape of a bowl and place small candles inside it or make diyas by putting melted wax and a wick in it. This idea will not only make your room bright but will also fill your room with the subtle aroma of orange.

Bangles: get your old glass bangles and string them up in a satin ribbon, tie the ends of the ribbon and make a bow at the end. You can hang this circular bangle bunch on a white wall.

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