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Question about selling

How does work? is property listings site in kerala that allows you to upload as many properties as you want.

How many properties can I upload?

Private seller can upload 10 property while an agent can upload unlimited properties after 30 free entry. This option is chosen at the time of registration.

Can I have my contact details on the website?

Subscribers to the lead system are entitled to include their direct contact details on the site. This is managed via a ‘click-through’ so you can also monitor how many people request your contact details as well as how many people use the online contact form.

I haven’t received my confirmation email, what should I do?

Sometimes junk mail filters can incorrectly mark our emails as spam so please check your junk mailbox or spam filter first. If problems persist further please email, including the email address in subject in your message.

How many photos can I add per property?

You can include up to 8 photos per property.

How are properties ordered on the website?

Properties are ordered by date, newest to oldest.

I do not see a region my properties are located in, what should I do?

Only places with properties available are displayed on the website, if your location is not listed you can still list the property under this area and it will be generated in the main list when you complete your property upload.

If however your region is not listed in the property upload section of the site please contact +91(0) 7034 335 335 to request this region to be added to the website.

I deleted a property by accident. can I still retrieve it?

Property are sent via email and stored online to review. All old leads are archived on the website for your reference. To reach these leads login to your account and visit ‘View new property and ‘View Trashed property.

How long do my properties stay on

By default they will stay online for three months. However, you can log into your account to remove it from the listing earlier if you wish. Alternatively, when a property is close to expiring, we’ll let you know and you will have the option to extend the listing.

I am having difficulty using the website, where can I find assistance?

Please call +91(0) 7034 335 335 or email and we will be happy to resolve any issues you may have.