What is the Basic Search feature?

Nbook allows you the opportunity to search for your requirements within the webportal

What does the Advanced Search feature do?

Nbook provides its customers to search for their dream property with inclusion of a variety of filters such as ‘district wise’, ‘Price range’, ‘Area wise’, ‘No: of bedrooms’ to name a few.

What is the purpose of the Custom Search?

This unique feature allows the user to access all the available results based on Google’s Search algorithm within the nbook web portal.

How is nbook a Search Engine?

Nbook.in has ventured into the realms of search engine as it can now act as a search engine with any standard browser that you may use.

How can one avail the Search Engine feature?

Simply visit ‘nbook.in’ and from the second time onwards merely type ‘nbook’ press the tab or space key and any of your enquiries will be through the nbook web portal. With over 85% of the total real estate data of the state of Kerala, you can rest assured that we will have the remedy for your real estate needs.